Attempt #234 – ‘Aviary Hotel’


I have racked my brain trying to remember how the Aviary Hotel landed on our list of parmas to try – I have checked my “suggested parmas” email folder but there is no mention, nor is their on any of the social media sites I frequent – It just sort of … appeared. Looking at...+

Attempt #232 – ‘Jimbo & Rex’


You might remember our review from last year where the restaurant “Cotta” at Crown Casino claimed themselves to be “The home of the parma“, a ridiculous claim and a bland parma (really only worth it for the “$24 parma & jug” deal, which I don’t think is even a thing anymore. Well, a 60 second...+

Attempt #231 – ‘The Celtic Club’


When I was a fresh-faced eighteen year old I got a call from a friend of mine. He had nothing to do, I had nothing to do, so we figured we would go down to an Irish pub and find out what all this “Saint Patrick’s Day” hoo-haa was all about. Which Irish pub did...+