Cooking with Parma Daze #7 – ‘Aussie style parma feat. Grated Philly’


  Uh oh … someone let me back in the kitchen. If you’re wondering where the 200th parma spectacular is then you clearly haven’t listened to last week’s episode of our podcast, Clucking Around, or checked our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the details (woah, all that self- promotion made me dizzy). Long story short the 200th is gonna be a...+

Clucking Around #2 – ‘Crossing the Road’


And we’re back!    Sit back and prepare your ears for auditory delight as I’m joined by Parma Daze reviewers Stefo and Fridge to discuss the latest happenings in the world of parmigiana. It has been a busy month, with lots to cover! Click play and hear all about some Urbanspoon shenanigans, plans for the big 200th...+

Attempt #199 – ‘The Eureka Hotel’

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  All the times I was recommended The Eureka I just couldn’t picture it. Surely I must have passed it hundreds of times – The corner of Church St and Victoria St. Yep, I walked across that intersection last month. But nothing … try as I might I couldn’t quite place it. Even walking in...+

Attempt #198 – ‘The Pinnacle Hotel’

photo 4-2

  If you live in Melbourne and you like beer chances are you’ve heard of The Happiest Hour, A website devoted to finding and listing the best pub food and drink specials in the country. Its an amazing resource if you’re in the mood for a cheap bevvie, and if you haven’t yet I suggest...+

Special attempt – ‘Tour de Hobart’


If you don’t follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’re probably wondering where the hell we were last week, Well long story short two of our ParmaDaze review team, Reviewers Shanan and Kylie got hitched over the weekend – So major congratulations to those guys! The happy couple Reviewers Shanan & Kylie, surrounded by...+