Attempt #218 – ‘Fredricks’


When picking the location for parma reviews each week I try to be pretty balanced. I do my best to pick well known, interesting spots that aren’t too close together on consecutive weeks – Just so everyone feels like they’re getting a turn. This week I was selfish. It was a parma review at a...+

Attempt #217 – ‘The Esplanade Hotel’


  In any conversation you have about Melbourne’s live music scene The Esplanade Hotel is sure to come up. In fact, I bet if I Google “Melbourne’s best live music venue’s” the first article I find will mention the Espy … Hold on … Yes and yes. It’s a pub that I have long considered...+

Attempt #216 – ‘P.J. O’Brien’s – Southbank’


  Our relationship with Irish pubs can best be described as “turbulent”. We’ve had the good, we’ve had the bad, and we’ve had the ugly (and I know Elephant & Wheelbarrow is technically an English pub, but for the sake of argument I’m lumping them in the “faux United Kingdom style pub” category). Yes there...+