Attempt #288 – ‘The Orrong Hotel’


  It has been brought to my attention lately that we have been (unintentionally) ignoring the Eastern Suburbs a bit lately. For the record I’ve got nothing against the East side, but needing to power through peak hour traffic on a Thursday night when all I want to do is get a parma and some...+

Attempt #286 – ‘The Market Hotel’


  When I heard that Star Bar, an establishment in which I had drunk away many of my younger and more debaucherous years, had reopened as “The Market Hotel”, the first thing I did was check the menu to see if they had a parma available. Low and behold, they had two! We wasted no...+

Special Attempt – ‘Tour de Byron Bay’


Ahh Byron, That town that pretends its in Queensland when its really in New South Wales, although you wouldn’t know it from looking. Byron Bay is the quintessential Queensland beach town – It’s laid back, its chilled, and I’m pretty sure only one in ten residents actually owns a pair of shoes. As is tradition here at...+