Attempt #282 – ‘Carmine’s Bistro’


  When Instagram shots of Carmine’s parmas started popping on to my radar I knew it was one we had to try. Massive schnitzels covered in mountains of toppings of all different shapes and sizes and absolutely beautifully presented. We normally avoid Italian Restaurants as they tend to lean towards the really traditional (Bolognese sauce with really...+

United States of America #4


You may remember that I disappeared for a while last month. It wasn’t much of a secret, the website stopped updating and the ParmaDaze Instagram became a travel site for a while. If you missed all the hoopla, in a nutshell Myself and a few mats hired a car and drove from Louisiana to Cincinatti, then...+

Attempt #281 – ‘Horse Bazaar’


  From the moment I picked Horse Bazaar I knew it was going to be a unique experience. “Parmas at a Japanese cocktail bar” doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, yet in my research of places to try on the north side of the CBD, Horse Bazaar kept appearing. How weird could it possibly be?...+

Attempt #279 – ‘Transport: Redux’


  Well, last night was a bit of a disaster, as Eric Bana would put it if you watched Full Frontal in the 90’s, it was a complete shemozzle. The night started with a solid plan, Head into the city to Sand Hill Road’s newest creation The Garden State Hotel. Sure they don’t take bookings...+