Special Attempt – ‘PD goes to PD’


There wasn’t as much fanfare for this special attempt (especially when compared to the one we had a couple of weeks ago), But that’s mostly because I forgot this one was even happening. A family reunion of sorts has whisked me up from Port Douglas from Wednesday to Monday which put me out of state...+

Attempt #201 ‘The Wolf & I’


  Coming out of the post parma #200 stupor, I was keen to back the weekend up with something of quality – it’d be a shame to back up such an epic weekend with a disappointing, processed, turd of a parma – So this week I did some research! Asked the interwebs for suggestions, delved...+

Attempt #200 – ‘The Shamrock Hotel’


  I’m gonna try and make this intro as quick as possible, just because I know you’re probably not interested in it at all and just want to find out how the parma is, but here goes – Back in 2012 when we hit our hundredth parma review I was in absolute awe. In awe...+