Attempt #267 – ‘The Rose Hotel: Redux’


  Before we get into this I feel like I need to make some things clear from the jump – Mainly that I am not a Fitzroy local. Before last night the only other time I have been to the Rose was for our first review in 2010, so beyond my thoughts at the time of “This...+

Attempt #266 – ‘La Roche’


  If you hadn’t noticed, I’m on social media quite a bit. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and yes I’m one of those annoying weirdos that constantly takes photos of his food for Instagram. So when a uniquely prepared parma like the one at St. Kilda’s La Roche starts popping up in my searches regularly it...+

Attempt #264 – ‘The Stone Hotel’


  I was a bit nervous to head back to Fitzroy – The last time we were here we crowned a new king … Any pub that was to follow that well and truly had their work cut out for them, so best to pick a pub that we had heard a lot of good things...+