Attempt #193 – ‘Arcadia Hotel’

photo 1-2

  If you live anywhere near South Yarra you’ll probably know The Arcadia as “the pub with the VB sign” – visible for miles around, especially when lit up at night, the red neon “Victoria Bitter” letters on the side of the pub are definitely a sight to behold. We have had quite a few...+

Attempt #192 – ‘Bull & Bear Tavern’

photo 4

  I’ve said it a few times before, but I’ve got a thing for underground pubs. I don’t mean “underground” in the slang term, I mean literally underneath the ground – Something about sipping beers below street level just tickles my fancy-bone (and we’ve been to a couple in the past, such as the Turf...+

Attempt #191 – ‘Blue Moon’

photo 4-2

  How exactly Blue Moon fell onto our radar escapes me, but it has been on our list for quite some time. Its an odd duck, situated in the lobby of the Space Hotel on Russell St, Blue Moon has a definite Backpacker’s bar vibe – partially because everyone we heard speaking (both patrons and...+

Attempt #190 – “Moona Bar & Cafe”

photo 4-2

    First things first, big apologies that this week’s attempt is mere meters from last week’s, I normally try and vary things up and never hit the same area twice in consecutive weeks, however some troubles with the parma bus this week limited our possible travel distance. Hopefully its fixed by next week and...+