Attempt #271 – ‘Mamma Lina’s’


  Mamma Lina’s is one of those places that has seemingly been around forever. Possibly since the dawn of time or earlier – Scholars maintain that on the seventh day, after God had rested up a bit he went down to Mamma Lina’s to grab a coffee. It’s a Keilor Road institution, and an absolute...+

Attempt #270 – ‘The Royal Hotel’


  The Clifton Hill Royal Hotel was the cover-parma for the Herald Sun’s recent list of Victoria’s 25 best parmas, and after a couple of attempts earlier this year, the last of the (now infamous) list that we had yet to review – So for the sake of completion we loaded up the parma bus...+

Attempt #269 – ‘The Olympic Hotel’


  We went into this week’s review pretty much blind. During dinner conversation at last week’s trip to Insignia Reviewer Stefo suggested that we next try a pub somewhere near to his work in Preston. Not having spent too much time in the area I agreed, and The Olympic Hotel was found almost entirely by Googling...+

Attempt #268 – ‘Insignia’


  It’s tight-arse week here at ParmaDaze, not a regular feature – but after a few weeks of parmas over the $25 mark it was time to dial it back a bit and find a bird that doesn’t hurt the wallet as much. I delved into my archive of suggested pubs and found an email sent to...+

Attempt #267 – ‘The Rose Hotel: Redux’


  Before we get into this I feel like I need to make some things clear from the jump – Mainly that I am not a Fitzroy local. Before last night the only other time I have been to the Rose was for our first review in 2010, so beyond my thoughts at the time of “This...+