Attempt #272 – ‘The Spottiswoode Hotel’


  The Spottiswoode is a pub with a … lets say “colourful” past. If you had’ve visited the Spotty five years ago you might not have made it out. The boarded up windows and overall unsavoury vibe of the place would¬†have caused many a local to take a very wide berth. But as of a...+

Attempt #271 – ‘Mamma Lina’s’


  Mamma Lina’s is one of those places that has seemingly been around forever. Possibly since the dawn of time or earlier – Scholars maintain that on the seventh day, after God had rested up a bit he went down to Mamma Lina’s to grab a coffee. It’s a Keilor Road institution, and an absolute...+

Attempt #270 – ‘The Royal Hotel’


  The Clifton Hill Royal Hotel was the cover-parma for the Herald Sun’s recent list of Victoria’s 25 best parmas, and after a couple of attempts earlier this year, the last of the (now infamous) list that we had yet to review – So for the sake of completion we loaded up the parma bus...+