Attempt #224 – ‘The Savoy Tavern’


If you’re anything like me, when you think about the Savoy Tavern on the corner of Bourke and Spencer Street, you think of this… Which is how the pub looked for many, many years. But last year some new life was breathed into the old girl, after a staggering revamp, the Savoy Tavern now looks...+

Attempt #223 – ‘The Hyde Street Hotel’


In a weird and completely unplanned turn of events I only just discovered that its been almost a year to the day that today’s pub re-opened after a 6 month refurbishment as the Hyde Street Hotel (previously known as the Vic on Hyde) – And what an amazing job they did. The pub looks fantastic. From the...+

Chicken Scratch – ‘Parma Vs. Parmy’


It’s a debate as old as time. Well, a debate old as chicken parmigiana anyway. Not a week goes by that I don’t log onto Twitter and see one or two people hurling insults back and forth over one question… Is the proper slang term for a chicken parmigiana “parma” or “parmy”. Quick side note...+

Attempt #222 – ‘The Railway Hotel’


I’m not gonna lie, I love this pub. I’m actually a bit conflicted giving it a review as I don’t really want word to get out about it – I seen so many pubs in Brunswick get the magic sucked out of them by a sudden burst in popularity *cough*Penny Black*cough*. Over the last few months...+