Attempt #210 – ‘Harts Victoria Hotel’


  I’m still not sure what to call this pub. Their Facebook calls it Harts Hotel, Google maps calls it Victoria Hotel, Urbanspoon calls it Victoria Harts Hotel and their are signs up on the building itself that call it Harts, Victoria and “Harts Victoria Hotel” … However when I called to book the table on...+

2014 Parma of the Year awards


So that was 2014! In twelve short months we celebrated our 200th parma, saw an unholy abomination come out of Red Rooster, we experimented in the kitchen with a Philadelphia cream cheese parma, chicken parma balls and a bacon and tater tot creation. We ate 5 parmas in a week in Hobart, checked out two parma...+

Attempt #208 – ‘The Carringbush Hotel’


  Well this is it! our last new review for 2014. There’ll be another post in the coming weeks when we present the year’s winners with their Golden Chook trophies, but as far as new pubs go this is it until sometime in January. I’ll save the thankyous and other sappy stuff until the trophy...+